Diablo IV - La Diabolica Commedia

After 11 years the gates of hell are, once again, wide open.
Diablo returns with a new, infernal, 4th chapter.
That’s why, for the Italian launch, we’ve brought back to life the “Father of Hell” himself: Dante Alighieri.


La Diabolica Commedia is a book written following Dante’s masterpiece La Divina Commedia but about Diablo's hell.

We involved an unconventional Dante’s expert: the rapper Murutubu that wrote the 3 Canti of the 
book in “Terzine Dantesche”.

The illustrations are made following Gustave Doré style by a great Italian tattoo artist, Marco Matarese.

To amplify the Diabolica Commedia in full Diablo style, 
we needed three adventurers to summon the book in its entirety.
​​​​​​​During the month, each gamer would read its chapter Live on Twitch, and finally, 
a day before launch, the three combined and revealed 
the full Diabolica Commedia.​​​​​​​



Chief Creative Officer & Partner - Livio Basoli, Lorenzo Picchiotti
Creative Director - Davide Labò, Luca Riva
Art Director - Mariano Barresi
Copywriter - Alessandro Magnani
Junior Art Director - Marzia Cimino
Junior Copywriter - Camilla Viganò
Designer - Federico Paffetti
Head of Content - Ludovica D’Aquino
Digital PR Manager - Vittoria Caron
Social Media Manager - Sumeya Bendebka
Client Director - Elena Panza 
Account Director - Piera Colasante
Account Manager - Eleonora Acconci
Strategy Director - Marco Mammino
Senior Strategic Planner - Michelangelo Ferracane
Integrated Production Director - Matteo Pecorari
Producer - Irene Taverna
Event Manager - Clara De Paul Liviano
Special Products Manager - Martina Augelli
Post Production Director - Sebastiano Morando
Post Producer - Miriam Ottina
Junior Post Producer - Silvia Brigoli
Motion Designer - Gabriele Frigimelica
Motion Designer - Dario Lipani
Photographer - Giuseppina Depreziato 
Author - Alessio Mariani (Murubutu)
Illustrator - Marco C. Matarese

Diablo IV - La Diabolica Commedia