Out-of-Home Advertising: Times Sq Shuttle Train Wrap
Advertising campaign for Adelphi University 2015
When presented with the opportunity to wrap the Times Square Shuttle cars, the design team and editors held several brainstorming sessions. The core idea was to have each subway car represent a students journey of transformation from the time they enter university until graduation. Each designer rendered a subway car so that no matter which car you entered, the concept would stand on its own and work together sustaining the concept of transformation.
As lead designer, I coordinated the design team in collaboration with the out-of-home installers and printers. With the installer, I was able to arrange for a guest ride on the subway cars before it opened to the public—and what a ride it was!
Take a look!
AIM HIGH, by me, Lisa di Liberto
Extensive research was conducted on previous subway campaigns. Maintaining the university brand, we decided to envelope each car with creative to tell a visual story of transformation in order for the riders to experience this idea.
The installer requested that I provide simple mock ups (below) of each train car using the templates they provided enabling them to have visual reference when wrapping the shuttle.
CHANGE IS GOOD, (below) designed by Louis Tedesco, multimedia designer 
DON'T FEAR SUCCESS, (below) by Peter J. Varkey, mulitmedia designer
Out-of-home advertising targets perspective undergraduate and graduate students from the Metropolitan area.
Installer: CBS Outdoor; Printer: Blue Ocean Graphics
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