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    Brand Identity and advertising special events
Client brief: Create a logo which can be used in various media to articulate the ever changing nature of war and peace with a 3D effect and the title of the initiative incorporated within the design. 
The logo appears on all regional advertising and collateral to promote the Fall 2014 art and lecture series for the 100th anniversary of WWl. The initiative is sponsored by The Collaboration Project at Adelphi University. 
My concept is based on the mobius strip translated to geometric forms with shadows and light casting the illusion of changing space. Together they create a system which then reflects itself. The twist on the axis point articulates infinity which then defines change. The color chosen works across all platforms and ties in with the Spring Calendar of Events.
“It was a superb response to what was a very abstract idea I had in mind for the tensions and dynamics between states of war and peace in our current regional, national and international state of affairs.  It very much was in keeping with my image of an Escher-like depiction of these relationships and with both clarity and elegance.” 
—Devin Thornburg, project coordinator
The Cultural Events Calendar is an annual print publication distributed to both the Adelphi University community and regional community. The 2014 calendar marks the 100th anniversary of WW l with events held throughout the year on campus.
As lead designer for the 2014 calendar, to announce the War & Peace project events, I used a warm red from the cover image on all key elements. The simple montage of various stock images featuring images of peace to combat are faded into the background tying these particular event pages together.
The calendar opens with a tear off schedule of events.
This is the inside back cover spread of the events calendar which includes next years sneak peeks in conjunction with hightlights from the 2014-2015 events.