”We could not be happier with the result! Snask are super professional, quick and witty, kind and thorough!”
Emma Mathlein, Marketing, Debaser
In early 2013 we got the assignment from Sweden’s most credible and celebrated rock club Debaser to help them brand their new Mexican restaurant. The brief was to create an identity that would feel like a street taqueria gone mad with luxury.
Calexico’s was made with the ambition to take Mexican food to Stockholm’s dining rooms, mixed with Sangria and frozen Margaritas. A fine blend of street tacos, a trendy bar and fine dining. We decided to hand paint the type, inspired by Mexican street taqueria signs and we chose a pastel colour palette accompanied by copper to add the luxurious feel. Everything carried the identity – from the menu to the clothes and the plates. The menus were printed as disposable coasters, which helped the hungry who now have their food options available the instant they sit down. A highly skilled window painter helped to add the final touch, actually using real gold on the restaurant windows.
When the restaurant opened the identity ofCalexico’s got a lot of praise, and visitors really liked the mix of street and luxury. It continues to be a well-attended restaurant.