J10 is a new-generation JMGO domestic flagship product. A lens and a sensor are integrated into a whole optical lens. The top face is covered with 2.5D glass and is matched with a touch-control switch. Meanwhile, a large amount of senseless operation is adopted, and accordingly users can acquire comfortable and immersive viewing experience.
 At the aspect of selecting a top cover material, we researched CMF fashion trends and used processing methods of 3D products in the market as references, and in combination with the modeling characteristic of roundness of our product, we decided to adopt a 2D glass technology. In order to achieve better visual light-shadow effects and smooth tactility, designers conducted follow-up tests in a factory for one month, and at last, the thickness of 3 mm and the radian of 6.5 mm+ are adopted.
                                     Without fear of light or sunlight, always enjoy the brightest and clearest picture on the big cinematic screen.
                                     A series of smart home interactions such as dimming the lights and turning the air conditioner to silent mode
A built-in TOF shares the same axis with projection, so that real-time trapezoidal correction is achieved, and rectangular pictures are maintained no matter how projection is conducted. Can automatically avoid obstacles
• After 2555 days of tuning by the JMGO and Dynaudio chief tuner, a coaxial sound source model with a dynamic full-band large sound cavity was created
• Equipped with two 8W high-power strong horns, it can achieve 90dB sound pressure, the sound effect is distinct and dynamic, providing cinema-level listening enjoyment
A great update is achieved on the basis of last-generation JMGO flagship products. In the earlier stage of product design, a large number of user and market surveys are conducted, wherein the surveys include analysis of products of the same price, user feedbacks of old-style products, target user interview, and the like. Then, defects of the products are analyzed, and a design direction of new-generation products is defined again, wherein on the basis of JMGO characteristics, a domestic appearance, creative material adoption and better interaction experience are integrated more briefly, and targets of optimizing the heat dissipation system and the sound system are set.
JMGO J10 Smart Home Projector