JMGO P3 is a highly integrated portable smart projector. With built-in battery and 4G capacity, it breaks the limitation of wired power connection indoors, and makes outdoor-movie-viewing experience possible. It integrates the function of the separation base into the body so users can bring it everywhere. JMGO P3 builds a bridge between the user and the product with inventive design and top-performance techniques. It provides a new way of interaction and brings users creatively audiovisual experience. JMGO P3 perfectly explains our product concept that “where there is JMGO, there is cinema."

P3 supports 90° angle adjustment which can be use to project on anyplace you need. 

P3 is made of high quality low-carbon aluminum with delicate CMF which can give you the feeling of space roaming.

Powerfully and Purposely
The idea comes from a water bottle which you need to use everyday and can be storaged in your bag. Besides the portability, air flow is another important feature which decides the reliability of a projector when you running it. 

Highly compact design
Size of a Bottle :  As tall and wide as a water bottle, the JMGO P3 is a super compact projector which integrated high capacity battery, ultra led light system and high quality sound system all together. We had to re-imagine the shape of projector and finally find the best solution to make it.

P3 is a result from many iterations of prototype. We have tested many possibilities that can be happened on the cylinder shape.

The 4G module allows users to obtain online resources anytime and anywhere.

Screen share on your mobile devices. P3 is your home entertainment system.

P3 is also a blue-tooth speaker when you don't need to project a screen. 

where there is JMGO, there is cinema.

Thank you

JMGO Design

Shenzhen China

JMGO P3- portable smart projector