JMGO M7 is a pocket portable projector. Built-in large-capacity battery makes it possible for mobile projection and outdoor viewing. We have upgraded projection hardware with a brightness of up to 250 ANSI lumen and keeping the size still like a book. In daytime indoor scenes, user can also get good visual effects. The M7 adopts a reel-type design and the hidden base with a built-in hinge, which can protect the projection lens when not in use, so that consumers can safely pack the M7 in various bags and carry it. The M7 has a built-in 9000 milliampere battery, which allows consumers to reverse charge their mobile phones as an ordinary power bank. That greatly increases consumers’ willingness to carry it with them. The built-in hinge of 0 to 70 degrees can adjust the angle freely, which is suitable for almost any moving scene.
In the past, due to the limitations of hardware and technology, portable smart projectors have never been able to be truly "portable." Users also often complain that the portable projectors in the past are too bulky, heavy, poor battery life, and poor viewing effects. The emergence of JMGO M7 has truly solved the pain points of users for portable smart projection.
For the CMF, we referred to many natural elements, such as volcanic ash, the moon, beaches and glaciers. We hope to enhance the overall artistic aesthetics of M7 by using these natural elements, so finally we used the gray spraying with speckled. In terms of structure, since the M7 is a portable product, it must function with a support that can adjust the angle. We don’t want this support to break the entire design, so we combine the chassis with protective cover which not only guarantees the functionality, but also guarantees the design language and shape completeness.
JMGO M7 positioning portable smart projection, 1.5 times the size of a mobile phone, only the thickness of the palm, 0.8kg weight.
 For users with portable needs, they always move the projection frequently, and the adjustable angle is very important at this time. The height of the picture no longer needs to be installed with a stand or pad, and the angle can be adjusted directly by the built-in stand.
 JMGO M7 uses a 60W high-power adapter with a 9200 mAh large-capacity battery. It can fully charge 65% of the battery in 1 hour in the standby state. In addition, it can actually be used as a power bank to charge mobile phones and other electronic devices.
After the projection is moved, there are always two actions that need to be done: focusing and correcting the image. M7 has a built-in G-Sensor accelerometer, which triggers the focus when moving, the inside TOF laser focus technology to achieve high-speed focus correction within 1 second, which tends to be insensible. 

JMGO M7 Pocket Projector