The G9 is the new home projector in the G series under the JMGO brand. We continue to use the simple round fuselage with JMGO characteristics, delicate and generous, so that the product more integrated into the home environment. We further optimized the functionality and experience to provide a more comfortable immersive experience.
The G9 is another product oriented by technological innovation and user experience. Built-in TOF enables real-time automatic trapezoidal correction, no matter how the projected screen remains rectangular.
In addition, AI far-field voice function is coordinated with remote near-field voice to realize dual voice control. Through technological innovation and technological innovation, G9 has carried out a new round of upgrading of movie-watching experience for users with high cost performance, turning more homes of the new generation of consumers into cinemas.
At the aspect of hardware, we know that consumers are quite sensitive to noise generated during running of projectors, and therefore at the beginning of design, we paid much attention to the ways of effectively reducing noise to improve viewing experience of consumers. 
JMGO G9 Smart Home Projector