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In this project we were challenged to design the tourist guides for the Ribatejo region. 
The construction of the visual identity of Ribatejo was an opportunity to grow the region's recognition. 
The brand sets itself apart by evoking the Portuguese heritage of tourism communication, such as the work of Sebastião Rodrigues. This way Ribatejo reveals an “unforgettable journey” through the different flavors, visions and experiences of this unique territory, while also strengthening its sense of the future.

Lezíria (from the Arabic al-jazira, «the island») designates a very fertile agricultural area, located in the
Ribatejo region, in Portugal.

Lezíria is a fertile land. Not only from the point of view of agriculture, but in all aspects that characterize
the region. It is fertile in hospitality, history, traditions and experiences. Lezíria is as fertile as the imagination
of those who visit it.

The Campino 
The traditional cattle herdsman, or campino, is a hugely symbolic figure in the Ribatejo. Sitting tall and proud in the saddle, he is as much the talismanic guardian of the rural traditions as he is the custodian of the cattle and the majestic bulls. The campino wears the distinctive floppy hat: barrete (green and red in colour, elongated and flopping over to the back of the head and topped with a tassel). The hat is very much a symbol of the region and part of the Ribatejo identity.





Turismo do Alentejo e Ribatejo – ERT

2018 – 2019

André Covas, André Duarte, Beatriz Marto, Carolina Lapa, Emídio Cardeira,
Gina Ferreira, Joana Borges, Joana Marto, João Conde, Lara Trindade, 
Luis Borges, Miguel Palmeiro, Neuza Fonte, Renata Pereira

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