(De)Facing PTSD

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  • The inked outline of the piece, ~5 hrs
  • About 20 hours in as of this point, and beginning to layer the face. It's always fun watching the parts of the picture emerge from the whiteness!
  • Unfortunately this is when I started photographing the piece again, about 80 hours into the piece now. As you can see, quite a bit has developed since the last image, and the helmet is starting to take shape!
  • With the right side all painted in, and all the values built, decide to throw down the background. It's a hybrid mixture, consisting of 40% gouache, the rest watercolor. The semi opaqu of the background really brings the translucncy of the watercolor to life! About 120 hours into the piece now.
  • The piece here is done, some 150 hours later! Lots of time and effort went into making the piece, but the response from Vets / those who suffer from PTSD made it worth the while! 
    "(De)Facing PTSD" / watercolor / 16''x20'' / ~150 hours
  • Detail of the piece, showing off the name tag. The soldier's name is 'Ayudar' meaning 'to help' in spanish. PTSD is seen as a weakness in the military, and asking for help is like speaking a foreign language. I painted this piece to give troops who suffer something to connect to, and hopefully help them and their struggles. A war in a foreign country is rough, but a war inside your own head is hell.