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    The piece was done as a sequential series, depicting the jorney of love from rejection to reciprocation, based off personal accounts.
"Out of Reach"  © Danny Quirk
piece is about the strive for the one girl that catches the eye among the others, the prettiest of all, the one most wanted, but is just out of reach. Throughout the series, this particular rose will be used to represent the particular girl.
"With Another" © Danny Quirk  (part one of the diptych)
note the rose in the hair . . . this is the desired girl, but she is with another which leads to the second piece of the diptych below . . .
"Hung Up Over" © Danny Quirk (part two of the diptych)
this piece shows the pain of seeing the person you're with/want to be with with another, and how it metaphorically kills you, ripps your heart out, and leaves you hanging. Figred it would be interesting to play with the veins/arteries, and have them morph into a noose, 'hanging' the victim.
The two together forming the diptych, showing the highs/lows of love, and the pain of being cheated on/seeing the one you want to be with, with another.
"Masked Emotions (Me)" © Danny Quirk
 piece is about being with someone to get over someone, but when in actuality, you still strive for the other . . .
"Unmasked Emotion (Her)" copyright Danny Quirk (part two of the diptych)
Piece is about pretending to be happy with someone, but in actuality, you're miserable underneath. The rose on the shoulder is symbolic of the guy's ever present love for the girland here, she is beginning to see . . .
"Me/Her" - the two pieces together, again to show the masks we wear to 'protect' ourselves from love.
"Reciprocation"  © Danny Quirk
the rose here, is symbolic of the girl's love. Upon seeing he will always be there, despite hardships she put him through, she decides to reciprocate the love, and send hers his way 
"Metamorphoses" © Danny Quirk
this piece is about the transition between the aspired, and the actual . . . feelings are reciprocated, and this is the moment before the two become one. The earing is a butterfly's pupa, just waiting to emerge.
"The Requited" © Danny Quirk
the final piece in the series, playing off butterflies in the stomach, and matured love between the two.