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    After the frustration of being shot down from Med Schools, yet always trying to keep positive by moving forward artistically, I decided I'd try s… Read More
    After the frustration of being shot down from Med Schools, yet always trying to keep positive by moving forward artistically, I decided I'd try something new. Inspired by the success of my girlfriend's Halloween costume (omitted from the pictures here), I wanted to break from my 2D watercolor comfort zone, and create a series of works that combine 3 elements that are dear to me— anatomy, education, and art. It seems there is a skewed connotation with with the perception of anatomy in art. For whatever reason, people tend to view it as 'morbid' or 'creepy'. Part of the goal of these pieces is to combat this ignorance, and educate individuals as to the beauty that lies beneath. Having spent time working with cadavers and creating illustrations for medical publications, I got to experience first hand just how complex yet delicate the body is, wonderfully illustrating beauty is more than skin deep. Read Less
Revealing The Inner Self-
The first 'real piece of this series, of my lovely girlfriend 'revealing' the DEEP musculature of the back. 
Deep Back Dissection-
The finish shot. Showing the Rhomboid maj/min, Spinalis thoracis, Rotatores longi, Lattisimus dorsi (cut) to reveal the Serratus posteriot, and a Lumbar lamenectomy to reveal the Cauda equina.
Latex / Sharpie / Acrylic Paint ~ 10 hrs
Chest Dissection-
showing the superficial (right) and deep (left) musculature of the chest. 
Latex / Sharpie / Acrylic Paint ~ 5 hrs
Upper Back Dissection-
This piece was done to show the superior (left) and intermediate (right) muscle structures of the back.
Latex / Sharpie / Acrylic Paint ~ 6 hrs
Self Promotion-
I myself am rather humble and quiet, and often shy away from initiating conversation about my work. In an effort to self promote, I decided to try a little experiment... because I have issues about initiating conversation about my work, tried to devise a way that people would come to me, ask, and in my head, give me the ok to talk about the work without feeling cocky or arrogant. So, I painted this little ditty on my hand, and like a moth to a flame, people were drawn, attention was grasped, and heads turned like a medeival torture device. ha. The experiment was a success, and something I now do on occasion from time to time.
Upper Chest/ Shoulder Dissection-
A recent piece painted up on my friend Monique of Oddities Obscura! The piece was done for a costume party initially, but like any plan made in advance, had a slightly different outcome. haha. Instead of going to the costume party (as intended), I ended up getting an opportunity to meet the cast of the show, and introduce the work to a proper target audience. 
Latex / Sharpie / Acrylic ~ 5 hrs
Lateral Leg Dissection-
A quick piece done on my close friend from HS detailing the lateral musculature of the upper and lower leg. 
Latex / Sharpie / Acrylic Paint ~ 6 hrs
Lateral Neck Dissection-
Probably my favorite piece of the series (thus far) detailing intermediate musculature of the neck. The Sternoclietomastoid is cut to show the internal jugular and carotid, and pharyngeal musculature.
Step By Step-
A breakdown to show how each piece prgresses from start to finish, showcasing how the piece builds up...
"The Ins and Outs of Sex"  - sharpie marker and latex ~ 3 hrs