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Creative Packaging Design Projects on Behance

Creative Packaging Design Projects on Behance
Published September 19, 2022 by the Behance Team

Packaging design is a vital step in developing a new brand or product. The way a product looks and feels in the eyes and hands of the consumer plays a pivotal role in determining its success, especially in a competitive environment. There are many elements at play in packaging design, from the logo design and placement to the size, shape, colors, and the typography and functionality of the package. 

We’ve curated a moodboard of some of the most inspiring and creative packaging design projects on Behance. 


Molocow milk packaging design by Kan Salt, Marcel Sheishenov, Nargiza Kulataeva, Nurbek Nas, and I-Media Branding Agency



Hrum-Hrum nut packaging design project by Constantin Bolimond, Tamara Vareyko, Nikita Bulgakov, and Aleksey Koler



Heinz chili sauce packaging design concept by Commersart Agency, Nikita Bulgakov, and Aleksey Koler



Bite Me gum packaging design by Zoe Schneider 



Holographic gift packaging design by Tim Kaun and Hendrik Seger



Snack branding and packaging design by Sorawit Opapongphun



Simpsons-inspired wine packaging and label designs by Constantin Bolimond and Dmitry Patsukevich



Freely stackable juice packaging design by Taymara Sanchez, Elisava Pack, and Gemma Monllor



Influencer kit packaging design by HEAZ



Good Hair Day Pasta packaging by Nikita Konkin


Looking for more packaging design projects? 

Search for inspirational packaging design projects on Behance or browse our curated moodboard featuring some of the best packaging designs on Behance. 

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