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  • "Shedding the Civilian" © watercolor 12"x16"  (piece is a mirror reflection of a civilian getting the head shaved as he's enlisted in the Marines. The civilian face expresses a smile, happy and excited, but unsure of what is to come).
  • "Aloha" © watercolor/gouache 11"x17" (piece is a play off the word Aloha, meaning both hello and goodbye. The viewer is to infer whether or not the teary hug is a grim goodbye, or a happy hello. Based off the placement in this series, it would imply a good bye, but hopefully there are a few optimists who've crossed by and believe it to be a return.)
  • "Mixed Emotions"  © watercolor 16"x22" ( in almost EVERY interview I had, all across the board, everyone was nervous of their first taste of REAL combat. There was the anxious feeling of all the training put to use, and the real fear of what was around the corner.)
  • "Faces of War" © watercolor 16"x 28" (piece was a compilation of all the different roles in a combat scene. There's the wounded's scream of pain, the higher ranking's scream of orders, the rookie's scream of disbelief, and the seen it before's reaction of the medic, waiting for orders. This piece is hands down my favorite of the series, and has gotten lots of notoriety.)
  • "Rooftop Gunner" © watercolor 11"x14" (Throughout this series, the biggest complaint was that the work was a bit too morbid, so decided to do a 'nicer' piece.)
  • Detail to show just how anal retentive I can be. haha. the reflection in the goggles is that of the gun he is shooting out of and the war scene he is shooting into... note the eye sights)