the myoko festival of the Apatani tribes in ziro

  • 1459
  • 130
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  • every year during the festival myoko are placed high poles wooden T-shaped with thatch flags on the top near of the houses.  A few decades ago at this occasion men used to perform daring aerial acrobatics using the long cane rope tied to the tops of the masts. 
    the myoko festival is celebrated every year in ziro amongst the three communities Diibo-Hija, Hari-Bulla and Hong of Apatani plateau on rotational basis with traditional gaiety and festivity
    The shaman is the most important figure of the community, is wearing a traditional haircut and clothes , the eggs symbolize fertility. There are numerous pigs and chickens awaiting slaughter. The Apatani are animist and worship the sun (Donyi) and moon (Polo).
    the highlight of the ceremony is the dawn of the second day when each clan in the village collects pigs to be sacrificed, The shamans recite prayers and sacred formulas while women sprinkle animals, with flour and rice beer.
    To the end of blessing the animals are shown in the huts of the owners to be sacrificed