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  • The True Stories exhibition presenting design in four acts opened during the Salone del Mobile 2010. It featured projects by the international Masters students at the Scuola Politecnica di Design in Milan. In addition to working with Diego Grandi (italian interior designer) on the concept for the exhibition, we were also fully responsible for the events graphic identity.
    We created a number of panels with decorations and colours that emerged naturally from the story of each piece on display. When designers are working, a series of memories and emotions run through their minds. These images join together and build up until they merge with the object being designed and disappear within it. They then lie there, ready to reappear in the minds of the people who look at or use the object and tell them a new story. A font made up of balls/balloons completed the visual identity of the event, helping to keep up its inherent idea of energy and celebration.
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