Wound that Cannot Heal

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  • Wound that Cannot Heal
    Composition, lyrics, arrangement, and singing by Michelle Ning Lo
    You don’t know that I haven’t been escaping
    It’s just that I can’t always suffer the pain with you
    But I know that you’ve always been fleeing
    Free of each other, it’s probably better for the both of us
    The romance was pathetic
    It had gone off-track since the very beginning
    How do we predict our future?
    Our shattered hearts are now incurable
    When I look inside you I don’t see myself
    I don’t deny that we just fell
    All the love we valued is now on the ground
    Your tears cannot stop, my sadness cannot heal
    I didn’t know that you were going through bad times
    That you were holding in your tears and smiling for me
    Now I know how unbearable regret is
    Why didn’t I hug you tighter?
    This love cannot be mended
    The broken pieces are scattered everywhere, unable to be found
    The two of us separating was already predicted
    Standing in front of fate, I finally notice my insignificance
    Unknowingly I’m still searching for your sound
    I can’t deny there’s no one else
    Who could leave me lingering in a broken shell
    It’s because of everything you gave me that my sadness cannot heal
    -Michelle Ning Lo