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    SMILES closeups of characters
These are some of the main characters in a story I attempted to write when I was in high school. The story still has a looooooong way to go before it can be completed, but I've already thought of some characters and what they would look like, and here they are. This was also an exercise for me to practice cross-hatching as well as drawing people's faces. I would take the features of celebrities that I think would look like the characters, and either altered their features or mixed them up. The media I used were brown, black, black-blue, and red pens, and I filled in the other colours with pencil crayons. 
The main character in the story, Joey is a basketball-loving, ordinary boy who suddenly finds himself trapped in an unfamilar, distant world. He meets many new friends who decide to join him on his journey home.
Ira is a kindhearted, mature girl. She has a good sense of direction and is the navigator or the group. Alongside her cousin, Nok, she cares for the sick and injured, showing motherly kindness. She goes with Joey in search of her long-lost sister. 
Part of the team of bandits that occasionally attacks Joey and his friends, the elegant yet mysterious Quill is seldom seen by the traveling group. She emerges only at night and swiftly collects what she is ordered to take and leaves, never leaving a trace behind.
Tut is found locked up and abandoned, severly malnourished. Nok and Ira manage to save him, and he follows the group on their journey. He is blind and cannot speak, and they only figure out his name by reading the tattoo on his throat. Nonetheless, helpless as he may seem, Tut possesses unspeakable powers.
The young Ari is stubborn and mischievous. Although she follows the group on their journey, she often goes missing, taking her friends' food and supplies along with her. She finds her passion in music and is a skilled vocalist.
Berry's talent is in costuming. She can dress up as whoever she sees, and often disguises herself as people of importance to get what she wants. Although she mostly tricks others into giving her money and goods, she is also passionate about saving the planet, and therefore she joins Joey's group to improve the environment of different cities.
The young Marick is friendly and trustworthy. The earring he wears all the time resembles the logo of Joey's school basketball team, and therefore they become friends quickly. In fact, the earring can be pulled outwards and hidden cooking utensils would appear. Being a chef is Marick's lifelong dream, and he joins the adventure in search of exotic foods.
Nok's lively and humourous personality can bring a smile to anyone's face. He knows he is destined to be a great doctor, so when he hears that Joey is going on a journey home, he decides to go along in order to find medical herbs and to help the sick.
Influenced by his mother, who was poisoned and killed by a team of bandits, Voy's goal is to be a fashion designer to continue his mother's dream. Not only is he a skilled tailor, he can also use his strong thread to fight enemies.
Ne Tach
Ne Tach is the leader of the team of bandits who like to attack Joey's group.  He is the only one who knows the truth about Tut's powers, and he is not going to let it go to waste. Although nasty and formiddable, the group will discover that he is actually not as bad as he pretends to be.