Wooden Keg

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  • This project illustrates the concept of simplicity through the working principle of a wooden barrel. A traditional wooden barrel works by metal hoops holding several staves of wood together tightly shaped into a bulging cylinder. As the wood absorbs moisture, it swells. This makes the joints between the staves tighter and prevents the liquids from leaking between the joints.
    I wanted to take advantage of that very simple working principle but at the same time, to utilize new available technologies like the CNC. This translates into a new object that merges a traditional principle with a contemporary shape.
    8in X 12in X 10in
    The cask is made out of white oak.This material adds complexity and character to the flavor of aging beverages like wine, whiskey, cognac and beer among others. The rings and the base holding the sides are stainless steel because of its strength and the aesthetic quality of the material.
    The cask consists of 4 mittered pieces of wood. A side cut on the pieces allows the stainless steel rings to disapear below the edges of the parts. These are ratcheted around the wooden pieces and held together on the bottom by a rivet.