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    Baltic Birch Plywood, White oak, Powder-coated Steel
Lilu Table
table system
The thinking behind the design of this project was to create an interchangeable table system with only those elements essential to its function. The design highlights the way different components of the table come together through a locking mechanism that is the main focal point of the piece, giving the table its unique configuration that works as a self- supporting structure in which all the parts depend upon each other to work together as a system. Three legs support the top while it locks them together holding them in place.
This interaction between the parts and its configuration stimulates the eye, keeping the viewers attention on the piece for a longer time. The upper part of the legs emerge through the table top surface where they form a triangular pattern that blends together in the center and flows down to the floor. This gesture gives the piece a sense of movement and a more dynamic appearance.
Manufacturer: TWO.SIX