V&A Waterfront Window Display

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  • V&A Waterfont Window Display
    Shopping Theme
  • I was commised by Jupiter Drawing Room, Cape Town to design a window dislay for the V&A Waterfront. The theme they assigned me to was shopping. So somehow I had to excited people about the location and shopping.

    I decided that the best way to depict a good essence of shopping was to not only show shopping items but also give something more than just objects that people relate to. This is where I came up with the having a cheetah's face. The friendly appeal of the animal's face housed the commerical shopping items that people would buy.

    The V&A Waterfront is also highly visited by tourists and I though it would be great to give them a sense of Africa even though they are located in such a commerical buidling. I used a number of location related elements. So the viewer would be able to relate on different levels to the artwork.