iCode Logo and Website
Branding and website for Cape Town Design and Web Studio
iCode needed a complete rebranding of there company. The logo for the iCode brand was redesigned to a level where it had more polish and also showed the more simple side of the work process of the company. As there slogan states, 'design, develop, deploy' encapsulates the way the company is able to make the process of establishing a website easier for their clients. 
The goal was to create a look which worked for the company as both a design studio and web development company. The site which I designed seeked to tackle these goals and put in in such a way that its easy for potnetial clients to navigate the site as well as identify what they could expect from iCode.
The website was designed and then coded by me using DotNetNuke content management system. 
A couple of the pitched logo options
The selected logo for iCode
Layout of iCode website homepage