To Sunday

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  • To Sunday
    Composition, lyrics, arrangement, and singing by Michelle Ning Lo

    You say you’re brave, suffering the pain
    But your sky just rains every day
    You lie in bed, beauty flowing away
    Hoping for health one day

    You never give up faith
    You just hold on to your dreams
    But, Sunday, you’re dreaming yourself away

    You thank your friends for all the care
    You fight the pain with a smile
    You say you’ll grow and be a nurse
    You never let the tears blur your sight
    So strong, so brave, all the time
    But you died
    Your dreams draining from your eyes

    You never gave up faith
    You just held onto your dreams
    But, Sunday, you still gave in to fate

    You thought as long as you don’t let go
    You wouldn’t let life slip away
    You thought as long as your confidence holds
    Your strength could accomplish the great
    But fate, oh fate, took your life
    So you died
    Your faith draining from your eyes

    You see, Sunday
    Sometimes dreams just aren’t enough
    But your time’s not up
    Your wish will come true

    You told me life’s a miracle
    You’re given a chance to renew
    You said, if it were possible
    You would want to save others too

    Someday I will become a nurse
    Someday I’ll start saving lives
    Sunday, your prayers have all been heard
    Sunday, I’ll share with you my life
    You’re here, right here, in my mind
    You won’t die
    Your dreams will be tucked here with mine

    Always safe here with mine

    -Michelle Ning Lo