Three wise monkeys - self-portraits

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  • Three wise monkeys - work in progress
  • I want to come back to Self-portraits with a project based on the three wise monkeys.
    For the moment, two segments are finalized.
    First is composed of three diptychs, second one is composed of two triptych
  • First segment : Three diptychs self-portraits
  • Three wise monkeys - to fast
    Just want to get back to bright light, to work again on self-portraits, to play with my face, to have fun, to get inspired with the theme of the three wise monkeys ...
  • Three wise monkeys - to leave aside
    I like how the trouble-maker tries to hog the cover to him, taking all the place within the frame and how the wise monkey seems to stay in the background. In everyday life, I often feel navigate between these two extreme behaviours, it's called an inner calm person :)
  • Three wise monkeys - to keep quiet
    Last photograph of this first work inspired by the three wise monkeys...I kept my ugliest face for the end:)
  • Second segment : Two triptychs self-portraits
    the way to make something easy so extremely complicated...
  • Arrangement of scenery - Three wise monkeys
    Another variation on the Three wise monkeys, this time with this first triptych completed by a second one bellow ... You need to see them both to get a complete view of the project...
  • Backstage - Three wise monkeys
    Second triptych that presents the backstage and reveals the fake staging of the first triptych  : the way to make something easy so extremely complicated !

    This idea came to me after several questions from people about the complexity of shooting for some of my works, while in fact those images were so easy to shoot...

    I figured it'd be fun to play with this concept ... a complicated and surreal installation to get at the end a simple and common photograph....
    Yes... sometimes I am a bit tortured guy ...
  • Third segment.... Three self-portraits
    Insist on the animal side

  • Three wise monkeys - mute

    I immediately found interesting to work on the concept of the three wise monkeys, because as any universal representation, there are many possible interpretations depending on how you look at the subject. For these three last self-portraits, I focused my attention on the censorship symbolism...
  • Three wise monkeys - mask

    Second self-portrait of this new variation on the three wise monkeys, playing on the censorship symbolism ... At the beginning of the session this photograph was much more sober. Viewing the first captures, I wanted to insist on the animal side... I found interesting to illustrate that the censorship of the sense of sight drives the other two to revolt.
  • Three wise monkeys - deafen

    New self-portrait and last alienation of the three wise monkeys with a neat monkey face from myself (and beautiful bags under the eyes ...)