Urban Oasis
Night urban photography
I always enjoyed these grocery stores open late at night, first of all because they often saved the life of a starving photographer, then because they all look more surreal as each other, becoming oasis of light in the darkness of the Parisian night.
Urban Oasis 1
Christmas garlands, neon lights (come on !) and I feel like Deckard in a street of Ridley Scott"s Blade Runner...
Urban Oasis 2
Urban Oasis for pedestrians... or drivers :)
Urban Oasis 3
Thanks to school holidays, sidewalks are relatively empty with no (fucking!) cars to spoil the frame ...
I took some risks, shooting in the middle of the street (yes, there is still traffic in Paris after 23:00!), but I'm pretty happy with the result.

Quote or tribute to "The Empire of Light" from painter Magritte is here perfectly...
Urban Oasis 4
On my previous urban oasis, the main challenge was to hide nearby buildings, adjacent light sources and street furnitures (yeah those ugly bins !)
On this fourth urban oasis it was just the opposite situation, with a store really lost in the middle of nowhere, so I had to adjust my post-production to avoid a to big feeling of emptiness.
Urban Oasis 5
Fifth urban oasis photographed at night and once again a different configuration, with a shop a bit stingy in terms of lighting ...
The result is a more subdued lighting, and a greater difficulty to "hide" the surrounding buildings.
But I find that once again it works pretty well and that this new photograph fits to the standards of the series.
Urban Oasis 6
I chose this "nice shop"to be my sixth urban oasis.
And that's true that most of the managers of these stores are extremely friendly ... a little surprised to see a crazy guy asking them to photograph their storefront, but extremely friendly :)
I've got 2 more oasis to publish and I will take a break on it to avoid boredom on this topic.
Let me know if you find beautiful stores like this during trip on Paris...
Urban Oasis 7
Seventh urban oasis located on the Boulevard de Port Royal - fifth district of Paris.
Same set-up as for the fourth photograph in the series (high light, surrounding buildings with low light), but this time I wanted to give a little more importance to the shadows that are gaining ground on the light.

Urban Oasis 8
Eighth and final Urban Oasis (for the moment...).
The Art grocery store on the Boulevard Saint Marcel (Paris - 13th arrondissement) was bound to be a checkpoint for this series.
This grocery store, like no other, is also an art gallery, and this is probably the most difficult photograph I had to achieve on this series.
A center divider strip and an unfortunate shrub right on the middle of the frame have forced me to shoot without tripod, holding up my camera at arms length, with a shutter speed of 0.7 seconds ...
To be short, It was a miracle to get something good with that photograph.
Urban Oasis 9
A new grocery store at night in my Urban Oasis series.
August was the opportunity to enjoy empty sidewalks, without cars parked anywhere, without any parisian people... to be short, happiness in the Parisian night.
The possibility for this ninth urban oasis of enjoying wider frame in order to accentuate the feeling of isolation of this island of light in the darkness.

Urban Oasis 10
10th night grocery store in the series Urban Oasis.
Once again I privileged a wide frame to bring to light this store in the night environment.
Location : Rue Monge, Paris 5th.
Urban Oasis

Urban Oasis

I always enjoyed these grocery stores open late at night, first of all because they often saved the life of a starving photographer, then because Read More