Cardboard Box Head - Part Two
Humdrum daily routine of a Cardboard Box Head guy
A photo diaporama composed with the 17 photographs of the Cardboard Box Head project
Cardboard Box Head #7 - Repeat the same routine
Here starts the second part of the Cardboard Box Head series with the humdrum daily routine of the character. We leave the fantasy / nightmare atmosphere to get in a 'Kafka' realism of the absurd...
Cardboard Box Head #8 - Box office
A walking box working in the biggest 'box office' of Paris ... Since the beginning, I had in mind the image of the character looking toward the Grande Arche de la Défense, in a frame composition strongly recalling the first photograph 'The Monolith'.
Cardboard Box Head #9 - Closed space
Once the character transformed into a Box Head, I wanted for following photographs that the pattern of the box (symbol of his confinement) appears in an allusive way.

Rest of the Cardboard Box for the 11th photograph of the series Cardboard Box Head. Seeing those cubical patterns on the interior walls of the Grande Arche de la Defense, I decided to put the character down there. A cube within cubes.
Cardboard Box Head #12 - Box on the move
Second incursion of the Cardboard box head guy in the Paris Metro ... How to transform an element of scenery that initially bothered me into a major component for the composition of this photograph. Thanks to the blur of the depth of field, the center bar isolates the character in the frame. Even in a public place, he's literally cut off from the rest of the world.

Cardboard Box Head #13 - Crossing the river

This photograph should remember you the photo Automatic Consumption. Since the project began, I had in mind a photograph representing the Cardboard Box Head guy in search of food, looking at shelving full of cans in a supermarket ... It seemed obvious to me then that I could not find a better spot for this photograph, so why fight and eventually lead to a less graphic photograph and disappointing picture regarding the rest of the series ?!
Cardboard Box Head #15 - The box next door
The Cardboard Box Head guy goes back into its underground quarters and I also get back my parking garage neon lights, bright unifying trail for the character and recurrent graphic pattern in almost every picture of the series ...

Cardboard Box Head #16- The dining box
The Cardboard Box Head guy is back home, box sweet box ... I found funny and a bit surreal picturing the character surrounding himself with cardboard boxes to organize its living space.