The relationship of my friends - infographic posters

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  • The relationship of my friends
  • My concept was to create an info poster of my relationships. I was interested how my friends on Facebook are part of my daily life and how realistic their personal information, uploaded by themselves, is. I began by selecting 250 friends at random and analyzed them on the basis of eight similar features: mutual friends, place of living, activities, fields of interest, education, TV series, web pages and music. For that I have designed a program which beginning with a starting point I gave, it placed my friends on the basis of the given features.
    I ended up with a colorful network. Using this, I have tried to draw a picture of my face, based on how many friends I shared interests with by highlighting: mutual friends (yellow), web pages (orange) and activities (green). It gave a result which I have found very interesting. Have fun with it!