• Last weekend I had the great opportunity to participate in the Global Game Jam 2012.
    I met a lot of interesting people there, and had a terrific time trying to make a whole game in less than 48 hours. In the end we couldn't quite finish it, but the experience was worth it nevertheless.

    The idea behind the game is the eternal fight of two characters that "steal" pixels from the other one, resulting on graphic upgrades or downgrades depending on the character's "health".

    I've posted here some of the graphics I made for the project. Hope you like them!

    PIXEL VAMPIRE is a game for 2 players, one controlling the the Hero, the other controlling the Enemy. You can try the game here (again, note that the game is not finished and the experience can be very poor :P).
  •  STAGE
  • The graphics and main game design were made by me, and it was programmed by Alejandro Cámara and Manuel Rosado.

    You can have access to all materials and source code here, under Creative Commoms licence. Enjoy!