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The Unfinished Pitch
Sometimes you work on a project and the client suddenly changes the initial idea when you're halfway through. And, sometimes, your client is kind enough to let you show all that work that otherwise would have fallen into oblivion. A couple of weeks ago that's just what  happened to me, and here are some of the results. The artwork for an Unfinished Pitch.
The key thing about the main character was that he had to be your everyday guy. Sounds simple, but it is not. Funnily enough, the character ended up being a self portrait :) Here are some of the sketches I did once we were on track, and needed to polish the character design, face and clothing:
 The character had to be animated, so the art was produced just like a video game, all clean and layered. Below you can see the main character's both formal and casual outfits:
The second character was the guy's girlfriend. She was going to appear only on a fancy restaurant scene, so we had to decide between everyday and fancy. In the end we went for a glamorous Hollywood style. Here you'll see some of the different approaches I took for the face and clothing: 
As with the main character, the girlfriend was ready for animation.
 The backgrounds covered a wide range of situations, as the main character was involved in several emergency situations. First one was an icecap in the middle of the ocean. I had to expand the background later so the camera could move and widen the frame, so it was really like working on two different illustrations:
The icecap scene happyended with the arrival of a transatlantic. I swear I have never drawn so many windows in my life!
 Le Hot Coffee, your number one coffee chain! Like the characters, backgrounds had to  be layered so they could be propperly animated:
And finally the fancy restaurant table, where all ended. 
Hope you like it!