OneMethod 2008 Rebranding

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  • OneMethod 2009 Rebranding exercise

    Industry Setting -
    • Marketing is moving more and more into the digtal/online space
    • OneMethod’s marketing focus shifted from technology to more idea/design driven marketing

    Challenge -
    • Rebrand OneMethod to better reflect the agency’s offering and position in the marketplace
    • Better communicate OneMethod’s offering as the name is not overly descriptive
    • Alter the color palette to increase production efficiencies

    Strategy -
    • Update the logo to better reflect the design/marketing focus
    • Create a descriptive tagline for the agency that encapsulates what the agency offers

    Result -
    • Reduced the number of PMS colors from 4 to two (maintaining the orange equity)
    • Changed the font, case, and treatment of the wordmark to better reflect the new focus of the agency
    • Kept one square from the previous logo to maintain some equity and tocreate a secondary icon (the ‘d’ with the square beside it is symbolicof ‘d squared’ meaning we do two d’s (digital + design)
    • Finally the tagline ‘digital + design’ told exactly what OneMethod does and tied it back to the secondary icon  

    Client: OneMethod -
    Brand Strategists/Designers: OneMethod
    Creative Director: Steve Miller
    Designer: Andre Le Masurier
  • 2009 Rebrand award Winner

  • Business Card was featured on CardObserver:
  • OneMethod Logo Before
  • This is the napkin that was drawn up by our creative director SteveMiller and the president/ECD Amin Todai when they concepted the newdirection of not only OneMethod but also the revised logo design.