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    Feature Content piece for the all new Cadillac CTS Sport Wagon from General Motors.
A site to showcase the all new 2010 Cadillac CTS Sport Wagon. It is a compendium of interesting ways to use this amazing new vehicle from Cadillac. They really knocked this one out of the park, can't wait to see it on the streets the end of this year.

Creative Director: Clare Meridew/Andre Le Masurier
CopyWriter: Josh Haupert
Designer: Andre Le Masurier
Vendor: Orthographic
Sound and SFX: Mike Wilson

This is the divisional flash badge that leads the user to the FC site. The idea was to not show the back end and have users familiar with the highly successful CTS sedan wonder what this new vehicle is as from the front they are identical but from the back...well that's a whole other story altogether. We used the text as a device to tell the story without showing any sheetmetal at all in the Cadillac overview page. Thanks to the client for allowing that to happen!

Incorporated a beautiful intro done by Orthographic which played up the concept of the big reveal at the end of the intro where the CTS Sports Wagon slides into the homepage seamlessly. We also used elements from the intro track done by mike Wilson. You will hear the piano tones onRollOver of the main buttons.

Early design comp where the Cadillac is obviously not a Caddy at all but a Chevy.

One of the earlier design comp concept options that never saw the light of day...
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