NEWWORK MAGAZINE is a large-format art publication for connoisseurs of fresh ideas. Designed and published biannually by STUDIO NEWWORK, each issue features new work from a wide range of artists and creators in the worlds of fine art, design, typography and high fashion. NEWWORK's contributors are united in their passion to push the boundaries of their disciplines. In an unbound newspaper format, it is designed to be able to remove pages without tearing them apart and hang them on the wall as posters.
    The fifth issue of NEWWORK MAGAZINE finds a range of artists and designers exploring the concept of grace,
    infusing their very different work with a similar attunement to the ineffable, the elegant, the sublime. A survey of books from St. Gallen showcases three generations of book designers who have stayed true to their city’s heritage as the heart of Swiss book design while breaking new ground (and old rules) with playful use of asymmetry and unconventional typographic design. Grandfather to this vibrant multigenerational movement is Rudolf Hostettler, editor of Typografische Monatsblätter, who mentored Jost Hochuli, master typographer, graphic designer, and book designer. Hochuli, in turn, served as teacher to the founding members of the award-winning Swiss design team, TGG Hafen Senn Stieger and to Gaston Isoz, an accomplished book designer working out of Berlin. While each of these designers takes a unique aesthetic approach, they are united by a fascination with graceful creative solutions.
    Joining the book designers in this issue is Jürgen Bergbauer, a German-born fine artist / photographer who obsessively photographs rocks, extracts them from their natural contexts, and places them into flat off-white spaces, producing studies that temper analytical beauty with radiant calm. Taka Mayumi, Japanese-born, Paris-based fashion photographer, produces a breathtaking fashion story of genderless beauty. And veteran photographer Lillian Bassman breathes new life into the “mad men”-era glamour she helped define with her iconic imagery and maverick darkroom techniques. As Bassman’s interview with NEWWORK reveals, her own inimitable grace flows from equal parts vision, spunk and timeless sex appeal.

    The magazine is internationally distributed, and it was honored by Art Directors Club, Type Directors Club, D&AD, and other international design institution. NEWWORK MAGAZINE is a part of the MoMA Library Collection and Department of Typography at the University of Reading (UK), and it has been used as educational materials at numerous institutions and schools.

    Rudolf Hostettler, Jost HochuliTGG Hafen Senn StiegerGaston IsozJürgen BergbauerTaka Mayumi
    Lillian Bassman

    Magazine Details: 32 x 21.5 inch, 104 pages, Ink on Newsprint
    2000 copies
    Price: 17.00 USD
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  • NEWWORK MAGAZINE Issue 5 Cover
  • Book 1: Typography in St. Gallen by Rudolf Hostetler
  • Book 2: Typography in St. Gallen by Jost Hochuli
  • Book 3/1: Typography in St. Gallen by TGG Hafen Senn Stieger
  • Book 3/2: Typography in St. Gallen by Gaston Isoz
  • Study After Nature by Jürgen Bergbauer
  • In the Moment with Lillian Bassman
  • Timeless Grace by Lillian Bassman
  • POEM I - IV for Post Poetics

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