Models and Maps ( UDK , 3DS MAX, ETC.)

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  • BEWARE Programmer " Art" Ahead!!!!!
  • Multiverse
  • I made this terrain using a MMO framework called multiverse, interesting program for anyone looking for a cost-effective MMO solution as far as getting servers are considered.
  • Unreal Developement Kit
  •  This is just a screenshot of the Unreal kismet scripting system   and me using it to launch the unreal matinee animations.
  • 3ds Max
  • my feeble attempt at a snowman

  • Inspired by the infamous AudreyII of Little Shop of Horrors.
  • When nerdiness and  love combine what do you get ? This is easily my favorite animation I have done  and in my opinion my best.
  • Audrey is going to eat you!
  • my very first animaiton .