MTA Digital Wayfinding System

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  • The New York City MTA has partnered with Control Group to create new digital touch-points that will deliver a better experience for daily commuters and visitors, as well as help the MTA develop innovative ad revenue models. The new On The Go interactive HD displays will deliver real-time information, including simple visual station directions with transfers and line alerts, countdown to train arrival, relevant service updates, and a digital content loop. Up to 90 new installations will be placed at top New York City subway stations that service more than 4 million riders each day.
    November 2013 / Per Mollerup and BIS Publishers
    Wayshowing > Wayfinding: Basic and Interactive
  • Year: 2013
    Team: Sahar Badah, Mike Clare, Anthony Dines, Joshua Hester, Paul McConnell, Erin McGill, David Nelson, Colin O'Donnell, David Phillips, Chris Ross, Matthew Young
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