A partnership between Bing’s Bellevue and NYC incubation teams, we were charged by our executives to design a north star experience to inspire the future of the product outside of the browser. Our main challenge was to look at ways to bring together a set of feature explorations in early development into a unified, touch-friendly framework that aligns to the existing Bing brand, with a ‘Modern’ take.
The framework developed here presents more that just ten blue links and a search box – it gives you results based on what the web knows, your friends know, and what the world knows. Traditional search results are presented in the left column with personalized controls to save or share. People and experts relevant to you are found in the right column with the ability to ask, share, and interact in context. The middle column brings relevant information related to your search through live tiles that include: maps, movie times, restaurant menus and reviews so users can act quickly.
The teaser trailer, prototypes, and comps were presented as an exploration in the early planning stages for the Spring 2012 release of Bing.com and the Windows 8 application.

Year: 2011
Team:  Stefan Andrizzi, Derrick Connell, Lindsay Daniels, Amy Greenbaum, Laura Kern, Michael Kroll, Manuel Lima, Robert Murdock, David Nelson, Gautam Satalkar, Manny Tan, Tanya Test