• This project represents the incubation moment inside the creative process. Incubating is the process of thinking about a problem subconsciously while being involved in other activities like having a walk, practicing some sport or going to the toilet. Suddenly the solution comes to our mind: eureka!
    We are representing this moment through pictures of people sitting on toilets in different European cities: Barcelona, Graz, Munich, Ljubljana, Bratislava and Zagreb.
    The result are 18 pictures printed on 23x33,5cm ceramic tiles with local architecture of every city.
    Diego Paredes, Nuria Gazulla, Jaciel Reyes, Daniel Fernandez, Marc Carreras, Angel Guerra, Pau Castello, Marta Beltrán, Raquel Oya, Tammy Palaske, Alessio Manuzzato, Matteo Gentile, Lorenzo Patuzzo.

    18 photographs

    printed on ceramic tiles (23x33cm)
    6 cities
    local architecture