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    A train for Catalonia. Design proposal for the FGC next generation trains.
Alstom Deconstrucció
A train for Catalonia
Deconstrucció is a concept for the next generation train of Catalonia.

Inspired by the artist Gaudí it represents his strong catalan character through the mosaic theme.

By type of travel, from subway to mid-long distance journeys the train includes different solutions.
We can distinguish three areas for their seats: seats for rest, stools with individual table for leisure or work activities and folding seats that provide flexibility to the space.

The result is an interior that breathes with spacious lobbies and large windows.
In order to boost the Catalan landscape the attention of passengers is focused on the windows, projecting the information on them. With these digital projections travelers stay informed and vandalism on screens is avoided.

Design by
Guido Dodero
Ruben Oya