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Phone Finger Painting
Here a small collection of pics retouched on the phone during the last couple of years. Most of the pics were taken with the iphone and retouched with a free coloring app.
highway landscape, Germany
zeppelin over the englischer Garten, Munich
quattro wall at Pinakotheke der Moderne, Munich
sitting on a right hand steering car
Lost & found market during Sonar weekend 2013, Barcelona
Oberstdorf, Germany
falleras in Sueca, Valencia
Aida portrait. Original photography probably a selfie ;)
Aida portrait. Original photography by Dani Fernandez.
IED Barcelona window
centric Bilbao shop during bbK Festival 2013
Poblesec, Barcelona
driving on the highway. looking for adventure ;)
random bar in Berlin. Photography by Marcos Ferreiro.
Superheroes fight at work
München's Weissbier
KaZantip Festival 2013, Ukraine
snowy Englischer Garten, Munich
U-Bahn station, Munich
911 parked on a rainy day
lamp, unknow
surfing wave in the center of Munich
Lech, Austria
Goldene Bar, Munich
Susanne's plant just got a flower.
Phone Finger Painting

Phone Finger Painting

Collection of phone photography retouched by finger-painting.
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