IdN V16N6 : The Colour Issue

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  • IdN V16N6 : The Colour Issue
    Colour Sutra
  • IdN v16n6: The Colour Issue
  • Contents:
    It’s a colourful world
    Whatever happened to classic Dutch design
    Type Casting:  Featuring Fábio Duarte Martins
    Opulent Moments
    On and Off the Wall Specifications:
    93 pages
    6 varying paper stocks
    4 process, spot UV
    98 minutes DVD Video included
  • It’s a colourful world
    Colour is at once both the mostsubjective and the most universal of design elements. For most of us,there is no particular rationale behind what we regard as our‘favourite’ colours �" but for a designer, making the right choice ofcolour combinations can mean the difference between success andfailure. We talk to 10 top creative about their approach to thisfundamental issue. Their opinions are as fascinating as the examples oftheir work we have chosen to illustrate the article.Featuring:
    JamesJoyce / MWM Graphics / Nepomuk / Tomi and Cherry / Neasden ControlCentre / HouseOfBurvo / Kustaa Saksi / Dan McPharlin / Tomer Hanuka /Nocturn
  • IdN v16n6: The Colour Issue
  • IdN v16n6: The Colour Issue
  • IdN v16n6: The Colour Issue
  • Whatever happened to classic Dutch design?
    The Nehtherlandsmay translate into English as ‘low countries’ but when it comes todesign, the Dutch are surely at the peak of this profession. Recognisedas a centre of excellence and innovation in almost all creative fields,the Dutch design scene is experiencing something of a watershed. Is itstill a source of inspiration to the rest of the design world? Yes, butit is changing. We ask a dozen leading Dutch creatives to explainwhat’s going on in their home country.Featuring:
    NovakGrafisch Ontwerp / Misha Strik / Almost Modern / Patswerk / Autobahn /Joost van Bleiswijk / Karma / Catalogtree / Florentijn Hofman / StudioKluif / Lesley Moore / Hans Gremmen
  • IdN v16n6: The Colour Issue
  • IdN v16n6: The Colour Issue
  • Type Casting
    Taking matters into your own hands is often astep towards discovering a talent you didn’t know you possessed. Thisis what happened to Portuguese graphic and type designer Fábio DuarteMartins when he tired of the hassle of finding just the right typefacesfor his projects and started to design his own. Now he can’t stop!Featuring:
    Fábio Duarte Martins
  • IdN v16n6: The Colour Issue
  • Opulent Moments
    The third “Twenty120” independent-filmfestival gathered together 20 directors from the US, the UK, France andGermany to express their thoughts on the theme In the Age of Opulence.Here they tell us why they picked the approaches they did. And don’tmiss this issue’s free DVD, which encompasses all 20 of thesetwo-minute tours de force!Featuring:
    Cass Vanini / Örn�"lason/Dan Dirckinck-Holmfeld / Adam Gault/Stefanie Augustine /Alexander Tarrant/Colin Sebestyen / Bill Sneed / Blake Haney / EvanMathis / Evan Silver / Ezequiel Rormoser/Marcos Torres / Jarratt Moody/ Jason Goodman / Jody Sugrue/Vince Diga / Jon Saunders/Tony Barbieri /Juan Delcan/Anton Ginzburg / Jun Seo Hahm / Justin Harder / MattEller/Bill Morrison / Mitchell Paone/Bryce Wymer / Pierre Magnol /Sebastian Onufszak / Vince Robles / Yibi Hu
  • IdN v16n6: The Colour Issue
  • On and Off the Wall
    Continuing our close-up on music-posterdesign, we feature three graphic designers who have specialised in thegenre, coming up with consistently memorable collectibles for fans ofsingers and bands who also happen to be among their own personalfavourites. Talk about dream jobs!Featuring:
    Opion-G / Bubble Process / Boss Construction
  • IdN v16n6: The Colour Issue