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Three of the 42 spots we produced for CNBC profiling their on-air talent. Won an Emmy.
Three from a series of 42 spots we shot profiling CNBC's on-air talent. Won an Emmy.
The assignment was to shoot profiles of CNBC's on-air talent, revealing a side of their personalities the audience didn't see every day. We were also asked to capture interviews for web content, as well as still portraits. And we had to do ten per day. It was the day before shooting was scheduled to begin and we still didn't have scripts approved.
We had no idea what we were getting into.
We started shooting these spots on September 15, 2008. You may remember that as the day Lehman Brothers declared bankruptcy and the economy began it's meltdown. Needless to say, it was a pretty interesting time to be in CNBC's studios, interviewing their commentators and analysts between breaking news. Brian Williams showed up to broadcast the NBC Evening News from New Jersey instead of 30 Rock. Suzie Ohrman swooped in, hugging everyone and declared, " I just sold it all. I'm completely out of the stock market."
You might have thought there would have been panic, that the shoot would have been rescheduled due to the crisis. But actually this was the perfect time and place to be recording their stories. These people were in their element and completely aware of the historical importance of the moment.
There's nothing like having a front row seat for financial Armageddon.
Agency: Yield
Creative Director: Mike Coffin
Writer: Teresa Elliott
Director: Rocky Powell