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    Everybody who was ever anybody had a somebody.
It doesn't usually work like this.
In 2002, I went to a Boys & Girls Clubs of the Austin Area fundraiser and, while listening to the keynote speaker, had an idea for a campaign. An hour later I introduced myself to the executive director and made an appointment. A week later I showed the work and he bought it on the spot. Two weeks after that, I presented it to the Board of Directors, who got pretty excited and asked me to join the Board as Volunteer V.P. of Marketing. Twelve years later, we’ve produced print ads, newsletters, collateral, websites, social-media campaigns, and videos.
The Club has grown from 1,500 kids to over 12,000. From three Club units to 23. From a $750,000 budget to $5.5 million. I’ve gotten to interview several of my heroes (Darrell Royal!), and witness what true heroism looks like in our Staff and our Kids. I’ve put in thousands of hours of work and never been paid a dime for it.
Next to fatherhood, it’s been the most rewarding experience of my life.
Agencies: Breedlove Coffin & Partners, Yield, Amok,Inc.
Creative Director: Mike Coffin
Art Directors: Mike Coffin, John Tullis, Jennifer Taylor, Gaby Hoey
Writers: Mike Coffin, Wendy Robbins, Rodney Hargrave
Photographers: Rob Buck, John Tullis, Adam Long, Katie Hayes-Luke
Everybody who was ever anybody had a somebody. Could you be that somebody?
Could you spare a few hours or a few dollars to make a difference in a kid's life?
Be somebody to somebody. Call 512-444-7199 or visit us online at bgcaustin.org
Event poster: Lunch with football coach, Mack Brown
Event poster:  Lunch with baseball coach, Augie Garrido
Event poster:  Lunch with track and field coach, Bev Kearney
Annual Reports / Newsletters
The Club's first website
Meet a few of the 12,000 kids we serve.
Every great future starts with a dream.  Great futures start here.
Meet George Wunderlick. Every Thursday for the past 12 years,
he's been coming to the Club, giving our kids tennis lessons and life lessons.
Meet Idris Akinpelu. Our 2006 Texas Youth of the Year 
talks about what the Club means to him.
Denzel takes us on a tour of his Boys & Girls Club.
Chief Professional Officer, Mark Kiester, surrounded by
a few of the 12,000 Somebodies we serve each year.