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    A brand campaign targeted to yuppies.
Worthing Partners hired us to help them build a brand new brand. They wanted to create apartment communities in “edge of prime” urban core areas directly adjacent to the hottest retail, employment and cultural centers in cities around the country.
We worked with them to create a brand story that spoke to all of their stakeholders – not just residents, but also bankers, municipalities, neighborhood groups, and perhaps most importantly, their own employees.
Then we came up with a name, logo, brand identity, and developed an integrated campaign based on the notion that Cityville residents lived in a sweet spot between college and parenthood.
In the past eight years, Cityville has built 10 properties in Dallas, Atlanta, and Birmingham, with each achieving 100% occupancy in four months or less.
Agency: Breedlove Coffin & Partners   
Writers: Todd Alley, Rich Terry   
Designer: Jennifer Taylor