• Exercising Restraint
    A post-modern Victorian fashion story,
  • I originally had the concept for this story from noticing the coincidental visual similarities between Victorian clothing (which greatly inhibited free movement) and modern exercise/medical garments (expressly designed to promote free movement). For instance, the classic Victorian high-collared button-up fitted jacket bears a remarkable resemblance to a modern day zip-up yoga jacket... but one is much more comfortable than the other!
  • Prepping some props in the morning.
  • Fred making adjustments on the large format camera before loading the holder.
  • Original page out of sketchbook with concept notes.
  • Photo capture - Fred Fraser
    Fashion styling - Joanna Kulpa
    Art direction/set/hair/make-up - Liz Dungate (me)
    Model - Bronte from Liz Bell