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    Coordination and production of hundreds of shoots representing a mix of client and personal work.
Coordination of location, talent, team, propping, product, etc.
I have been coordinating shoots for about 15 years, both as part of my work at various design/advertising companies, and also as a personal interest and complementary career path. I have coordinated shoots for clients involving multiple models/actors and locations, sometimes with dates spanning several weeks to accommodate varying schedules. I have created detailed call sheets and prep sheets, as well as negotiating rates for talent and team, as well as post-shoot follow up to ensure images are supplied, edited and delivered.

The following collage is a sampling of the shoots I have coordinated over the years. Each single image represents a completed shoot (most are a single shot out of a multiple-image shoot). There is a mix of advertising, corporate, look book, model test and creative work represented.

I have only included shoots that I personally have digital files of... if I was able to show ALL the shoots that I have coordinated this collage would be expanded by hundreds! By the same token, I have not included shoots where I was primarily a team member, and not as involved in the coordination (again, hundreds more shoots!).