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    set design; prop sourcing, creation of props; wardrobe styling (except fashion shots); art direction, production of shoot; hair/make-up styling
Props, Set Dec and Styling
Commercial, advertising, fashion editorials and just for fun.
No composite, no photoshop trick, all in one take. It's a matter of perspective, really.
Involvement: set design, props, wardrobe, hair/make-up
Once again, no composite, no photoshop tricks. But more fun than a barrel of monkeys.
Wait... on second thought, very close to a barrel of monkeys.
Involvement: set design, props, wardrobe
Clockwise from top left: uniPHARM Wholesale Drugs corporate marketing brochure; Envision Financial annual report "Enlightenment"; Envision Financial travel Visa "no red tape"; Port Metro Vancouver annual report "Mandarin"

Involvement: concept, coordination of talent/locations; propping and wardrobe; art direction of photography
Envision Financial annual report "The numbers are good". Reporting on a year that had shown good growth for the credit union and its members, the theme of this report subtly (and not so subtly) had numbers featured in every story. The idea being that the people at Envision are passionate about numbers and the "good" those numbers represent.

Involvement: visual concept; coordination/scheduling of locations and subjects; propping and "setting" each scene; art direction of photography
Sevenoaks Shopping Centre spring campaign - Feel Good Inside. The concept was to show the range and quality of offerings at Sevenoaks, in a softly fashion-forward style. Models were photographed in "everyday" situations, in real locations, propped with products and visual references to shopping centre services in every shot.

Concept, creation of tagline, design/production of all collateral; coordination of talent and locations; art direction of photography; propping/styling using products and fashions pulled from participating store in the centre.
Cedarshed Industries and Outdoor Living, two companies who create garden shed and gazebo kits for the handyman. Each scene started with an empty structure, my role was to make each structure look like someone's dream project come true, to really help the customer "move in" in their mind. I dressed at least 2 dozen of these products on these accounts.

Involvement: develop theme for each product; coordinate all talent; propping/dressing scenes; hair/make-up/styling; art direction of scenes
Fun with lamps.
Involvement: coordinate talent; props; hair/make-up
Plaid Magazine fashion editorial based on Frida Kahlo. Each set, styling and hair/make-up look was loosely based on the arc of Kahlo's paintings, from simplicity to extravagance to near madness. FYI, I painted the studio wall four times that day!

Involvement: art direction of theme; set design and propping; hair and make-up
TLC Magazine - Exercising Restraint
Fashion spread juxtaposing comfortable and "movement-enabling" modern clothing with Victorian "restraint" in a modern studio set designed to have the feel of a turn-of-the-century gymnasium.

Involvement: Story concept; set design and propping; hair and make-up; art direction
Penniless Fashionista Look Book. The Penniless Fashionista lives hand-to-mouth in a low rent flat, existing only for her next pair of fabulous shoes or glitzy little skirt.

Involvement: coordination of talent; set design and propping (check out that vintage wallpaper!); hair and make-up
180 Magazine editorial - Sinister Siblings. A very Adams Family fashion editorial. Really, these two children just want to play...

Involvement: concept; propping; hair and make-up, art direction of scenes
Port Metro Vancouver - annual report. The client wanted a report that felt open, with a great amount of white space, and not the usual large colourful images of their ships and terminals.

Involvement: visual concept; hand drawn and trimmed props; art direction of photography