• Taxi Plane
    (not CGI)
  • This model is for sale.  Message me if you're interested.  It won 1st place and the Editors Choise award at the starshipmodeler.com "yellow" competition in 2007.  Earlier the same year, it got 1st place, Best of Show(Peoples Choice) and Best of Show(Judges Choice), at the Con*cept model competition in Montreal. It was also displayed out of contest in 2009 at the annual IPMS exhibit/competition in Athens Greece. 
  •                         Four pages from the Bilal's graphic novel that include the yellow taxi.
  •                        The biggest challenge was interpreting and rendering this design as a physical
                           model.  The illustrations of the plane are consistent only in “feel” from one panel
                           to the next.  Proportions, shapes and details change constantly in the illustrations.
                           I had to come up with one model that would reasonably fit all the different images
                           in the novel.
                           The scale I settled with (cheated with maybe) was 1/27.
  •                                                                Building the fuselage volume with
                                                                   polystirine sheets and foam.
  • Here are most of the finished original pieces.  Next step is the molding process.
  •                                     Some of the originals here all boxed-up and ready to be molded!
  •                                                The green stuff in the boxes is silicone.
  •                                    The two-piece matrix-mold for the fuselage!
  • Some of the multiples here out of polyurethane resin.
  • The model all built and painted.
  • The pressure switches for the lights are found inside the fuselage and they can be accesed with toothpicks going through the turbine exhausts in the back.
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