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    SFX miniature work for da movies.
...That little big world.
The following are some miniature FX projects I've been commissioned to work on.  In most cases my title is key model-maker.  All supervised by Ron Gosselin of RonMiniatures for various production houses.
An SFX miniature, made for the TV series "The Never Ending Story".  The movie was one of the first I ever saw in the theater and one of my favorites...  unfortunately the TV series was not much to brag about.  Job title:  Model-Maker.  Supervised by RonMiniatures.  Painter:  Celine Turcote.  Model-makers: Patrick Lee, Celine Turcote.
                                                                          One of the column tourches.  Made in a real hurry with dollar store stuff like 
                                                                          toothpicks, broach-pins, golf tees, hair pins....etc.  A small light was added in 
                                                                          each one to make some shadows happen.  CG fire was added later in post (not
                                                                          seen here).
 Working on the floor of the dungeon.
10,5 Apocalypse
Sculpting an underwater gorge.  This is supposed to be like 2miles long (or something).  For the disaster TV movie 10.5 Apocalypse.  With fellow model-makers: Patrick Lee and Dan Harding.
Before the quake.
After The quake.
Building a 1/8 scale Hoover Dam tower.  MDF with autobody filler for texture.  The tower is cut in sections and glued back together again to simulate layers of
concrete casting.  The more sectioned things are, the larger they look.
Shooting the 1/8 tower with salt being spilled on it's sides.  Salt looks like scale water falling.
1/4 raft made out of tall grass.  For a scene on Journey To The Center Of The Earth (2008).  Supervised by RonMiniatures.  Fellow model makers:  Mario Guitar and Dan Harding.
The tall grass is supposed to simulate the bamboo the actual raft was made out of.
A close-up of the miniature bags propped on the real bags.  Mr. Mario Guitar (model-maker) takes the real credit for the bags here... I just worked on some details.
        SANS ELLE
Putting some details on a 1/6th scale trailer.  This was for a Quebec film called "Sans Elle" (Without Her).
Supervised by Ronny Gosselin.  Fellow pro model-makers Dan Harding, Robert Bergoin and Piere Lalonde came in toward the end to help speed things up.  Celine Turcote was brought in to do the painting.
 A close-up of the battered trailer.
Multiples of every loose object were made. We couldn't go looking for those in the pool every time they went flying during a take.
The miniature wind mill on top of the tall metal tower (attached on the side of the trailer on the left) was bearing loaded and spun like crazy when the giant fx fan was turned on (fun to watch!). ( can see it spinning in the previous foto).
Some FX tech, from the crew of Loui Creg, riging the trailer. 
(Warner Bros.)
Lots of miniature work on this one....   The movie is the infamous John Travolta mega-flop, Battlefield Earth.
Supervised by RonMiniatures for Warner Bros. Miniatures supervisor: Bill Pearson, Shop Supervisor:  Ronny Gosselin, Chief Model-Maker: Patrice Jaques.  Lots of model makers on this project... too numerous to mention here (you can check it out on Imdb ).  That's me in the pic.

Birds eye view of the post apocalyptic city of Denver.
                  Making an alien bridge with fridge magnets and other gismo goodies from the dollar store.
                  The bridge is filled with fiber optics and a few maglights.  
                  Also pictured:  Francois Plourd (model-maker)

                   Installing an alien bridge between skyscrapers of the miniature destroyed city of Denver.
A 1/8 foreground miniature with 1/65 miniatures in the background.  A bit of forced perspective never hurt anyone.
10,5 Apocalypse
A 1/4 scale Hoover Dam tower made of plaster.  Four of these Art-Deco towers were made for different takes. 
Pyro was used to make the tower explode "nicer" when the water hit it. The pyrotechnician was none other than Joseph Viscosil (the guy that blew-up the Death Star)..
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