Cardboard Box Head - Part one

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  • Cardboard Box Head - Part One
    Storytellind / conceptual photography
  • First part of a serie focusing on the birth of a cardboard box head guy...
  • Cardboard Box Head #1 - The monolith
  • Cardboard Box Head#2 - Thinking out of the box
    Still the introduction of the story with this second photograph of the series Cardboard Box head.
    Parking garage, neon light, an anonymous silhouette ... I am in my comfort zone for the moment...
  • Cardboard Box Head#3 - Into the void
    Third photograph in the series Cardboard Box head.
    This frame was not in the original storyboard. It was during the session that I decided to fill a blank on the story flow and my friend Oliver suggested to me that angle of view to prepare the viewer to the next photograph.
  • Carboard Box Head#4 - The big come down
    A beautiful absurd image for this fourth photograph of the series Cardboard Box Head.
    I like this abrupt change of tone and the narrative ellipsis, as if the viewer had looked away from the scene within few seconds, to miss most of the action ...
  • Cardboard Box Head#5 - Happy birthday
    Little tribute here to Serge Gainsbourg "L'homme à la tête de choux" song :
    "I am the Cardboard box head
    Part Cardboard box, part man..."
    Fifth photograph of the series Cardboard Box Head, with a difficult delivery ... which is yet made in a happy mood :)
    Happy birth-day Mr Cardboard box head !
  • Cardboard Box Head#6 - Head like a hole
    Sixth photograph of the series Cardboard Box Head, which closes the first part (the birth).
    Kid, I was traumatized by the movie Jacob's Ladder and his demons with twisted faces...
    I prepared and worked in this photograph, remembering those images...