• A short, calm little song to cheer people up :)

    Composition, lyrics, arrangement, and singing by Michelle Ning Lo

    The world so beautiful
    A soul so wonderful
    The love so plentiful
    And who would have let go?

    Angel, don't you cry
    No one has to suffer suicide
    Angel, look inside
    You'll find the hope that's still alive

    You forgot what laughter was
    But I will show you
    Relax and brighten up
    The happiness is true

    Angel, raise your head
    Nobody deserves such loneliness
    Angel, don't you miss
    The kiss for you from happiness

    Angel, you have wings
    Open up and soar over the seas
    Angel, look in me
    You'll see the love you can believe

    Just look inside and you'll find love

    -Michelle Ning Lo