A Gallery of Elegant Beasts

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  • A Gallery of Elegant Beasts
    Sometime around February I realized that it had been too long since me doing any significant illustration work whatsoever. My skills were getting rusty so I embarked in this little project.
    The rules would be simple: it would involve character design, animals I found particularly fascinating and/or badass, a certain degree of realism and it would be a trilogy. This is the final result.
    Update: Prints available here
  • Captain Frederick Mayhew
    Odobenus rosmarus
  • Detail of the head.
  • Process animation.
  • Archibald B. Monaghan III
    Macrochelys temminckii
  • Detail of the face.
  • Process animation.
  • Professor Octavius Coote
    Casuarius casuarius
  • Detail of the eye.
  • Process animation.
    Thanks for your time :)